24 Apr 2017 
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 How does the OpenVPN Watchdog program works?
 OpenVPN watchdog works by automatically detecting your real connection IP and the OpenVPN server IP. Your real IP is then stored internally and then starts monitoring your connection IP every second after you start the OpenVPN session ito make sure that y
 The OpenVPN watchdog program fails to detect the private IP assigned by the OpenVPN server. Why might be wrong?
 This issue is normally caused as a result of non supported private IPs subnets or blocks of the IP address space for private Internets which is normally assigned to each client upon connection to the OpenVPN server. When using the program with third party
 What are the benefits of using the OpenVPN Watchdog program?
 Why use OpenVPN Watchdog? The following are the benefits to derive from using the program in combination with your OpenVPN client: 1. Accurate and reliable OpenVPN connection monitoring 2.Accurate and reliable detection of IP adddress of user PC
 My OpenVPN setup uses a different private IP subnet or ranges other than . Can I still use the OpenVPN watchdog program?
 We offer a custom re-building/re-compiling of the OpenVPN watchdog program to support user specific private IP ranges for OpenVPN servers of third party OpenVPN service providers in order to ensure that the WatchDog program works with third party OpenVPN
 What is a private IP and what are tha private IP ranges supported by OpenVPN Watchdog?
 A private IP is an IP address reserved for private networks such as a Virtual Private Network. The program supports the following private IP ranges as specified by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA): - -
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