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OpenVPN Checker/Pinger Software

OpenVPN Server Monitor or checker/pinger is an application that helps you to know the status of your OpenVPN servers. OpenVPN Server Monitor runs Openvpn connection tests by actually trying to establish connection to the OpenVPN servers using a valid username and password which is passed to the OpenVPN server in the secure TLS channel. It automatically detects client .ovpn files in OpenVPN\config folder and uses them for checking.

The software also has alert function which helps to notify you by email when any of the OpenVPN servers is down. Any external SMTP server can be configured with the checker for sending the email alerts. Alerts are sent only first time connection test failed to avoid email spam every 5min. New alert will be generated only if server goes up and then goes down again or checker after is restarted.

It is impossible for us to view your traffic or know what sites you visit. It is also impossible for us to know your real IP while using the program. We do not interfere with your traffic and we cannot view your traffic during your OpenVPN session.. No logs of any kind are kept.

The program do not keep any logs nor transfer any data from your computer. The program is 100% free from any spyware or adware. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed while using the program.

To install and use the software, you must install the OpenVPN Client GUI first. Once the program is installed, it will automatically detect the server config files and populate then into the program.

This program only supports the username/password server authentication method.

Accurate and reliable OpenVPN server status monitoring

Support for monitoring of unlimited OpenVPN servers

Support  for  OpenVPN  servers  with  username/password  authentication method

Real-time OpenVPN server status alerts by email

Supports external and local SMTP servers

Works with all free emails SMTP servers such as Yahoo,Gmail and hotmail

In-built SMTP server checker and test email

Free license and free future upgrades

Support all OpenVPN server/client configuration

Stable and very reliable

Automatic OpenVPN connection config files detection. No manual settings required

Fully automatic system; Simply execute and begin to see the status of your OpenVPN servers

Windows 10

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows 8

The  following  system  specifications  for  the  OpenVPN  server/client  and  user computer are required to use the software:

The  OpenVPN  server  must  be  configured  to  use  a  username/password authentication plugin or script which will authenticate the users to the OpenVPN server

The  “auth-user-pass-verify” directive must be used in the OpenVPN server
configuration file to use the authentication plugin or script

The  “auth-user-pass”  directive  must  be  used  in  the  Client  OpenVPN
configuration files to use the username/password authentication method

The OpenVPN GUI installer must be installed on the client PC and the OpenVPN client configuration files (.ovpn files) must be placed in the config folder

To use the program simply follow these 6 steps:

 Download the OpenVPN Server Monitor software from

Double click on the OpenVPNChecker.exe file

Enter your license you received when you purchased the software under the registration tab

Enter your username and password to authenticate to the OpenVPN server.

Configure your SMTP servers settings to receive email alerts under the Alerts tab

To get a constant alert of the status of the OpenVPN servers, tick the “Repeat every 5 minutes” tab.

All successful authentications will be displayed in green as “successful “ and failed authentications will be displayed in red as” Failed”

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OpenVPN Checker is now completely free! To unlock the program, you will need free license key displayed below. The license key is a 1-month validity license key which is updated monthly on this page.The license is offered as a Single-User License which means that the license can only be installed on a single or multiple personal computers owned by the licensee or under the control of the licensee only. The license also entitles you to receive all future versions and upgrades of the software freely.

Current Active OpenVPN Checker License Key:3KEZS1WKV4X8P(Expires: Feb 2, 2020)

License/Disclaimer: This software is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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