Here you can download both OpenVPN Watchdog and our customized open source based OpenVPN GUI client which comes with great and interesting features. This is a modified/customized version of the open source OpenVPN GUI by Mathias Sundman

However, be aware that current versions of standard OpenVPN GUI clients may not work our Watchdog program. Hence we will continue to maintain this modified version to ensure users can continue to use the program.

Using our modified version, our users can benefit from the added features which can greatly improve their OpenVPN tunneling experience.

Users can perform the following directly from the GUI:

    • Connect to any server of choice

    Force all applications to connect to VPN encrypted tunnel via our OpenVPN Watchdog program

    Switch between any server with a single click

    Connect to servers in 3 different modes: Standard, Failover and Switching Connection Modes

    Automatic server failover to a redundant server upon the failure of previously active server

    Login credentials secure saving (AES 256 cipher) for automatic connection

    Switch between Google DNS, OpenDNS, Anonyproz DNS (with malware filtering support)

    Flush DNS cache and ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) easily with a single click

    Automatic connection to a default pre-selected server at GUI launch

    Automatic GUI start and connection to a default pre-selected server at system startup/boot

    Automatic server switching at a pre-determined time duration



    OpenVPN Watchdog v7 for Windows | OpenVPN Watchdog Guide (PDF)

    Customized OpenVPN GUI Client( version 2.2.2) | OpenVPN GUI Client Guide (PDF)


    We offer a yearly license for only $10. Contact us if you would like to purchase a 1 year validity license key or click on the Order page.

Getting Support:

Our Technical Support Team is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner even while using the trial license code. Please make sure you read the program manual throughly before using the program. The manual can be downloaded here

Live chat and Tickets:
Please give it 12-24 hours for our Support Team to get back to you on the problem.